Are you in need of sound, lighting or other gear? I work with two different companies who both are specialised in party equipment fit for pretty much every event.


I work with LA DJ’s and IBB Geluid. Both companies have their own way of working but I like working with both of them. LA DJ’s are specialised in weddings and company events but can put down a setup for pretty much every event possible. IBB Geluid and I go way back to the first day that I ever DJ’d in front of a crowd (I used their setup). The setup that IBB Geluid can provide you is not expensive and offers you top quality. Both companies are informal and aimed on providing you the best experience possible.

DJ Gear

Important to mention is that I have my own DJ sets that I work with. For most weddings I use my Pioneer DDJ-SX and my laptop. This is also the case when I need to build a set up myself (those CDJ’s are harder to carry when on a bicycle). If the location or party offers me a set that is completly set up, I mostly use my CDJ 2000’s and DJM 900N combination.

I prefer to use CDJ’s simply because this gives me more control on DJ-ing itself. The DDJ-SX x laptop combination is easier to browse when thinking of a next track. Both sets can be combined with a microphone or any other device a musician (such as a saxophone player) might need.

Vinyl and Nexus players

I have little to none experience to DJ with vinyl records. Who knows I might try this one day, but today is not that day. As mentioned above I have my own set of CDJ 2000’s with a DJM 900N mixer. I am experienced in working with three CDJ’s both the 2000 standard CDJ and the Nexus 1 and 2 combinations.


Do you have any questions regarding gear or events? Be sure to contact me.