I often have conversations with couples whom are getting married. Ofcourse congratulations are in order but I often feel like that couples have little to no idea what a DJ should do at their party (besides being a DJ). Time to create a checklist for these wonderful events!

Now, there is no ultimate list as to what you should know or do to make it a pleasant evening for you, your quests and the DJ. But, I am going to sum up some things of which I think are important to make clear to a DJ. And of course I added a lame picture, click it to download the list.

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GuestsHow many guests will there be and what age are they? Age is a big factor that determines the choice of music.
Opening danceHave you decided to go for it and open your party with a dance? Than make sure you have in mind what kind of music you want it to be. Is it a mixed or composed track? Than simply make sure your DJ has the MP3 file (or whatever file it may be).
Closing trackIs there any or are there any tracks you would want to close the party? Than discuss this with your DJ!
Will there be any acts?A DJ always uses different 'blocks' of music to build up the evening (a block simply states for a type of music genre in this case). In the end most DJ's will want to go out with a banger and by doing so, gradually build up the intensity of the music. This means a DJ will have a plan in mind for the evening. Acts disturb this plan, which is OK but be sure to mention this in a conversation with a DJ.
Is a mic needed?Most wedding DJ's always have a mic at hand, but just to be sure ask your DJ about this if you think it is needed.
What music don't you like?Its maybe the most important question, what music is not wanted on your special evening. It is important to hear what you like but an unwanted track causes more minor points than a positive track scores plus points.
What are your differences in music taste?Most wedding DJ's will set a mix of tunes throughout the evening, going from 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's to modern day dance and pop music. But with most couples there are some differences as to what he or she likes, discuss this!
"We don't want any 'house' music but top 40 is OK"A cliché I hear quite frequent. Most top 40 tracks these days consist of 'house' music. As a house lover myself I love to play house music, but the range has become so big that there is not one definition. Take some time to dig into genres or ask your DJ to give you some examples of what he or she has in mind.
Any special tracks?There are always some tracks that are special to you as a couple. Just pass on your wished or demands to your DJ. He or she should take this into account for the evening.
LocationIs the location easily accessible by car? And can a DJ unload close to the facilities?
Build upLocations are all different. Some have several rooms and others do not. Can the DJ build up his or her equipment without disturbing the dinner? Or should all the equipment be build up prior to your arrival because it is all in the same room?
Departure of the new newly wedsSome couples leave the party more early than the actual close time.
Masters of ceremonyDo you have one or more masters(s) of ceremony? Make sure that the MC's and the DJ have each other's contact information.
Relax and have funThe most important thing of your wedding!
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