A long time ago I couldn’t stand DJ’s, or their music for a fact. I became befriended with Tim, nowadays a seriously good friend and close buddy. Tim invited me to come over and try to spin some records. I have to admit, those flashing lights and wheels… I didn’t understood one thing of it. So it fascinated me and not too long after I bought my first DJ controller.

I think my love for music and my personal vibe give me that extra edge on stage. I get a lot of positive reactions from both organizers as well as people on the floor.

Where and when will I DJ?

Listed on the menu of this page you will find my upcoming shows as well as my previous. It’s not a complete list but I think it gives you a good overview of my experience. Right now I’m in the proces of trying to perform more with my buddy Tim. The vibe that I get of being on stage with Tim (DJ Tipa) is really good. So, maybe we will see you out there!

What doe people write about me?

You can read several reviews about me on this website, please check out my ‘reviews‘ page. Or check out ‘Klanten vertellen‘ or my profile on the website of LA DJ’s.