The first two weeks at my new job are over. This blog is about my start at my new job at Future Communication and how I experienced this. Some time ago someone asked me why I combined both my communication skills and my DJ activities on one platform. So, at the end of this story I present a comparison between my working environments.

A new start

Every start is hard, a lot of impressions and lots of new colleagues to meet and to get to know. Luckily, my start has been made easy by my new colleagues. For instance, working with Trello was new to me. The handy notes on my ‘board’ to help me start is really effective. My smartphone and laptop perform smooth and even my printing pass worked within three tries (I know, right!).

Basic needs: check

So, everything works like a charm and my manager gives me all the time I need to adapt. I have the time to meet my new colleagues and my new working environment: “meet others, ask questions and improve whatever you think that needs to be improved.”

The working grounds are diverse, my colleagues help our clients within many different fields of expertise. Some are great with texts, others know every CMS from the inside out and there are those able to come up with the right strategy for the right time. I find this broad skill and expertise list of those around me quite interesting: there is much to learn here.

The best thing, I finally feel that the insights which I offer are needed. And maybe even more important: appreciated. It could also just be that I learned to adapt myself a bit and present the information better. Whatever the cause is, it feels good!

The audience and the buttons

This whole new ‘consultant’ thing is somewhat new to me, and yet it is something I am familiar with as a DJ. Working on customer expectations and meeting the demands of my contractors is in many ways similar as a consultant and as a DJ.

Situations may change quickly and the ability to adapt to these changes is crucial. In the end, it mostly comes down to adjusting the speed and intensity by adjusting some knobs here and there. Whether this is on the dancefloor or at the office, the knobs just vary but the ability is basically the same. One important thing remains: take the time to breathe properly and much will be easier.

In the beginning of this website I was asked why I combined both my communication and DJ skills on the same platform. Maybe this is why! What do you think?

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A new start