How did I got into communications?

The story of Communications

As a pupil on VMBO I thought that my skateboarding was more important than my exams. I realized that I wanted to pursue a more academic career. From VMBO I passed a  shortened trajectory on MHBO (Communications Assistant). After three years I entered the second year of HBO (Communications Management) at the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Utrecht).

During the peak of the economic crisis I graduated for my HBO. I worked at several jobs and started to write for UUT, a news website for the city of Utrecht, focusing on all important social initiatives within Utrecht. Via Randstad employment agency I got a job working for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). As a facilities employee I liked being connected to so many people on different levels.

After a few months I thought about achieving a Master certificate: ‘Master of Science’. The title appealed to me so I applied for a Premaster at the VU Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit). By the end of 2016 I graduated as a Master of Science. Only two weeks prior to this I signed my first official contract at Utrecht Science Park: Area Communications.

Most recent experience

At Utrecht Science Park I learned a lot about different CMS and CRM programs. I got acquainted with MailPlus/Spotler and know how to set out campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. I love statistics and use this love to gain valuable insight on website traffic and most important, how to improve this. In my spare time I learned a great deal on SEO optimization and how to use this in a day to day job. I am eager to connect with many and help others around by sharing the knowledge I obtained throughout the years.

What is next?

I applied for a new job at Future Communication, to put it short that is the future. I will become a consultant and hopefully help many companies or organisations to strengthen their communications. I will become a part of a team consisting of 20 professionals who all, just like me, want to improve communications. To be continued.


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